Welcome to West Dunbartonshire CVS

WDCVS supports, promotes and develops volunteering and third sector activity across the West Dunbartonshire local authority area. We are part of the national network of Third Sector Interfaces, supported by Scottish Government, and governed by a Trustee Board. 


An empowered, impactful and resilient third sector; appropriately resourced, proportionately regulated and celebrated.


A thriving West Dunbartonshire where quality of life is enriched through volunteering and social action.


Teamwork – Working together we always achieve more
Reflection – Learning and growing from all we do
Integrity – Creating a positive footprint from our work matters to us
Commitment – Making every interaction matter

The Third Sector

The third sector (also referred to as the voluntary sector) comprises community groups, voluntary organisations, charities and social enterprises. To be considered part of the third sector, organisations must:

  • have a clear community purpose
  • be run by a voluntary board of trustees/committee members
  • reinvest all surplus generated in support of their core objectives
  • not be operated by or affiliated to a political party or government body

Our work is delivered through 3 specific workstreams:

Every citizen has the opportunity to be encouraged, supported and engaged in improving quality of life for themselves and their community

Communities and organisations are able to share, work and influence together to address the challenges facing West Dunbartonshire

Sector organisations, charities and social enterprises are resilient, valued and trusted, making best use of more diverse resources for maximum social and economic impact

What you can expect from our services can be accessed here.

Our Service Portfolio

West Dunbartonshire CVS provides a range of services and initiatives across three tiers of delivery.

Universal – Activities provided within the framework of the core TSI investment from Scottish Government and provided free at the point of delivery

Targeted – Funded area-specific initiatives to address identified local need and provided free and/or low cost at the point of delivery

Consultancy – Requested interventions provided to individual organisations, with costs met by recipient organisations/bodies.

The full-service directory can be accessed here.

Our resourcing statement can be accessed here.

Our Team

Co-production is at the heart of all we do. Working with communities and for communities, service users, volunteers and staff members work together to design, deliver and monitor our activity. 


WDCVS employs a skilled team, working across services, to deliver on our goals. All staff can be contacted by calling our core helpline 0141 941 0886 or by emailing info@wdcvs.com. Details of staff coverage across functions can be seen here.


WDCVS has a team of over 80 regular volunteers spanning a number of volunteer roles. If you are interested in getting involved in any of the roles listed below, please contact us on 0141 941 0886 or by emailing volunteering@wdcvs.com

Volunteering Broker
Health Walk Leader
Ask Access Connector
Digital Hero

1-To-1 Befriender
Dementia Friendly Awareness Raiser
Shopping Helper
Wellbeing Buddies

Telephone Befriender
Speakers Circle
Front of House
Admin Support
WD Cares Supporter

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