Trustees’ Week 2023 – ‘I’m On Board’

Community and third sector organisations come in all shapes and sizes. But the one thing they have in common is that they all rely on committee members or trustees, if they are a registered charity. These volunteers are elected or selected to oversee the everyday running of an organisation, attending meetings and making sure the organisation stays true to its aims and values.   

Across West Dunbartonshire over 3000 local residents volunteer as committee members and trustees, each year. Many are driven to get involved because they have a particular personal interest in the work of the group. While others get involved to share a particular skill or experience they feel they organisation needs such as charity management, financial or legal experience.  Every contribution matters and organisations across the area need your support this Trustee’s Week. 

We are pleased to have the support of local elected members in our Trustees’ Week ‘I’m on Board’ campaign, each trustees themselves. You can read more about their involvements here.  There are a number of misunderstandings about what being a trustee or committee member means and to try to dispel these myths, colleagues have recorded some short video clips below. 

Trustee Myth – Councillor Clare Steel
Trustee Myth – Councillor Jim Bollan
Trustee Myth – Councillor Sophie Traynor
Trustee Myth – Provost Douglas McAllister

Trustees Week, 6-10th November, is the annual celebration of the over one million trustees across the UK, thanking them for their time, commitment and effort in supporting our organisations to thrive. As part of our local celebrations we would like to hear from existing trustees. If you are a trustee, please take a few moments to complete our short Trustees Week survey so that we can look at how we can better support you in the year to come. The link for the survey is here:  

If you are interested in finding out more about becoming a trustee or are an organisation looking for trustees, get in touch by emailing us on or calling 0141 941 0886. 

Thanks to our Trustees’ Week 2023 I’m on Board campaign support.

More information of our campaign and quotes from our supporters can be found in our resources.

Our ‘Stand Up: Be A Trustee’ information is a useful resource that can be downloaded and shared.

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