Community Planning - Empowered DIG

West Dunbartonshire’s community and third sector is a structurally mature collection of around 800 active voluntary, community, faith and social enterprise organisations providing a wide range of services and activities for residents across the authority.  Each is an independent body, pursuing social, economic and environmental objectives and reinvesting surpluses in pursuit of these goals. In doing this, the third sector contribution to Community Planning outcomes across civic life, local economy and wellbeing has never been more significant including: 

  • Generating jobs directly 
  • Preparing people for paid work through volunteering, learning and soft skill development  
  • Providing advice to reduce social and financial exclusion  
  • Levering substantial additional financial resources  
  • Creating and maintaining green space and civic pride  
  • Encouraging mental and social wellbeing through activity and friendships  
  • Promoting democratic life and civic engagement 
  • Developing the authority skills base through training and mentoring 
  • Identifying and meeting new needs  
  • Innovating and creating new responses to local conditions

Community Planning West Dunbartonshire (CPWD) is the management group of community planning partners for the area and oversees delivery of the West Dunbartonshire Plan for Place – the Local Outcome Improvement Plan.

The five priorities detailed in the Plan for Place are delivered by partnership Delivery & Improvement Groups (DIGs) attended by key services and agencies who can ensure the necessary actions happen and improvements are delivered.

The 5 DIGs

A Flourishing West Dunbartonshire • An Independent West Dunbartonshire • A Nurtured West Dunbartonshire • An Empowered West Dunbartonshire • A Safe West Dunbartonshire

West Dunbartonshire CVS chairs the Empowered DIG.

Details of the current DIG action plan and meeting minutes can be found in the Document & Resources section.

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