Across West Dunbartonshire many people live alone and can often feel isolated. The reasons for this may be varied – they may have difficulty leaving the house alone, have no close family or friends, or have lost confidence after illness or a life-change. 

The Be-side Befriending service, is a volunteer-led initiative offering support to West Dunbartonshire residents aged 55 years and above experiencing loneliness and isolation.

‘Be-Line’ Telephone Check-in Service

Offers scheduled telephone support calls

  • As a check-in service supporting hospital discharge or emergency situations such as bad weather incidents
  • As an introduction to face-to-face/group services for people experiencing initial low confidence
  • As an interim support for face-to-face services where waiting-list restrictions are in place

‘Be-Side’ 1-To-1

Offering in-person befriending. This service is of most benefit to clients experiencing challenges associated with later-life transition-phases such as bereavement, family distance, diminishing health or reducing mobility.

‘Be-More’ Service

This augments the Be-Side 1-To-1 service, offering an additional level of support for older residents experiencing challenging co-morbidities in the community.

Befriending Team

Befrienders bring a variety of life experiences and skills to the service. To ensure the safety of everyone involved, each potential volunteer is interviewed, reference checked and required to register with the Protection of Vulnerable Groups scheme. 

If you are interested in joining the team, or would just like to know, more contact us by emailing or by calling the helpline on 0141 941 0886.

"I value being independent, but things do get more difficult. When the opportunity came up to join the service I said Yes!"

Accessing the service for yourself or a family member

If you feel our services may be useful for yourself or someone close to you, then please get in touch. 
Our staff will be happy to answer your questions and if you would like to proceed, help you complete the referral form, either by a planned telephone call or in-person appointment. 

Making a Referral – Referral Partners

Referral forms are obtained by emailing:, calling 0141 280 0129 (Monday-Friday 10am-4pm) or online here. 

In instances of emergency such as poor weather, the central WDCVS telephone number will be used as the default for contact. Returned completed referral forms will be acknowledged within 4 hours of receipt and an appointment for any follow-up required made. This should be completed within 48 hours of the initial referral and will include details of next steps.

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