Social isolation and loneliness is growing within our communities. National studies suggest that as many as 1 in 3 people have experienced loneliness in their lives.

For the last few years WDCVS has been working to help raise awareness of loneliness and isolation. A key activity has been the creation of our Radial Conversation sessions, helping us explore the effects of loneliness in communities across West Dunbartonshire. We know each community is different and the people who live and work there know them best.

What’s involved in a Radial Conversation?

A Radial Conversation has three parts. 

  1. Sharing a local survey to capture the views of local people about loneliness and isolation. 
  2. Holding a local conversation, with up to 15 participants. At the moment these conversations are largely on-line but we hope to also offer face-to-face sessions by the Autumn.
  3. Draw together the feedback and draw up an action plan to help reduce loneliness in the area.

Details of the programme and how to get involved can be found in the Events Calendar.

"Welcome the focus on this really important issue and what we can all do to reduce isolation at community level."
Quote from Radial participant

Interested in becoming a Radial Partner?

We know that local organisations such as community councils, churches, and Tenants and Residents Associations are key parts of the local community. Working in partnership with you, we believe we can reach deeper into the community and engage more people in the conversation. If you would like to host a session please get in touch. You will be helping do something practical to reduce loneliness and isolation in your community, and raising your profile at the same time.

We will meet all costs of the conversations and can work with you to support any new ventures you identify as a result. To find out more, email us at AskAccess@wdcvs.com or call our helpline on 0141 280 0129.

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