Link-Up Community Portal

Link-Up West Dunbartonshire is a free to access community website helping local people and organisations share skills, spaces and things.  

Creating a profile and joining the platform is easy and is available to individuals and organisations alike. Once you are registered you can comment on or join projects and ideas…and add your own.

To book a support session – click here or call our helpline on 0141 941 0886

Videos to help you set up link-Up

Part 1 - A short video showing you how to create your FREE membership of Link-Up West Dunbartonshire. This will help you create a personal profile.

Part 2 - If you would like to add your organisation to Link-Up West Dunbartonshire, this video will explain the next steps. Remember you will need a personal profile first.

Part 3 - Your organisation is now on Link-Up, this next video will go over how you can add a volunteering opportunity and what information you will need to give.

Part 4 - If you have a resource you would like to share in the community this short video will show you how to add it to Link Up.

Part 5 - As a member of Link Up, you can also promote any events you are hosting, from a one off event to a regular recurring event.

Part 6 - If your organisation runs a project this next video will go over how you can add it and what details to share.

"The staff of WDCVS have been helpful in giving advice and instructions regarding signing up to Link Up West Dunbartonshire. It has allowed NHS Golden Jubilee to advertise Volunteer roles for various positions within the hospital. I do not hesitate to ask them for their opinion to achieve the best results."
Maureen Franks
NHS Golden Jubilee
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