APEL Wellbeing

No matter how much we want to improve our wellbeing, we know making a change can be hard. 
Many things can prevent us from getting more active or involved in our local communities – we can feel isolated, we may lack confidence or motivation, and sometimes we can just feel overwhelmed. 
If that sounds familiar, the APEL Wellbeing programme is here to help. 
APEL is a programme of taster activities backed up by peer support, designed to make taking that first step as easy as possible.
APEL operates across 4 levels: 
Activate activities are designed to reassure you, build trust and encourage you to get started. 
Participate introduces taster activities to help build your confidence and involvement. 
Encourage provides access to a wider range of activities that let you build on your interests or ambitions.
Lead promotes opportunities for you to get involved in delivering our activities and providing peer support to new members. 
You can join the APEL programme at the level which best meets your needs. If you feel this may be for you, get in touch by calling us on 0141 280 0129
Agency referrals are also welcome.
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